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Project Concept

Welcome, to the webpage of the Cyprus Breakfast Program, a project supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the Travel Foundation of the UK and the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative. In this web page you can find information concerning the Cyprus Breakfast, the participating hotels, the local gastronomy and the products associated with the Cyprus Breakfast as well as recipes of local dishes.


Although Cyprus does not fall among the established brands for gastronomy tourism, it possesses a substantial gastronomic tradition, closely linked to its history and culture. Situated on the crossroads of civilisations, Cyprus’ food treasures have been influenced by the cultures of various rulers, shaped into what one may term as an authentic gastronomic experience. In this context, the concept of a Cyprus Breakfast can support a new branding proposition for the hotel industry based on the authentic and traditional character of the local cuisine and act as an umbrella promotion tool for supporting the Cyprus Tourism Industry.



Philosophy of the "Cyprus Breakfast"

The establishment of a brand for the promotion of the Cyprus hotel industry which will aim to focus on the local gastronomic culture and heritage, as the core differentiation factor that can sustain a competitive advantage for the hotel industry in the international travel market. Furthermore, the brand aims to highlight the social role of the industry, through its support for local communities and small producers. The specific objectives of the program are:

  • To improve the local/ traditional character of the breakfast offered by the participating hotels with a view to create an added value in the hotel service industry. This will be achieved through the addition of dishes and products which are characterized as authentic, traditional and/or identical with the Mediterranean diet.
  • To develop useful information material and support knowledge building around the Cypriot gastronomy in relation both to its historical/ cultural dimension as well as with its inherent nutritional value, with a view to increasing sales of local products.
  • To provide support to local producers by means of access to the tourism sector, which may be achieved through the breakfast by means of promoting their products and the particular way in which they are produced.
  • To promote rural communities through their gastronomical events, thereby linking their particular gastronomic heritage with the local landscape and the natural environment.

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